Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well this is really no surprise. The Devil's Rejects came in at number one with 178 votes.

The surprise is that Halloween 2 came in a number two with 177 votes.


  1. I think a great many people really respect H2, a whole lot more than was indicated by the usual internet pissing & moaning.

  2. I actually voted for House of 1000 Corpses. It started it all.. it made you fall in love with the Firefly family despite the fact they were serial killers ha ha. It also had the in between flash scenese and music that screamed Rob Zombie. I remember what an experience it was to see it in the theater!!

    And with that all your other movies rock as well.. but HO1KC is just amazing!

  3. Oh and I also loved how quirky the family was in the first one too. I remember totally falling in love with Captain Spaulding and Baby because they were hilarious!

    You might like this Q&A I did about my art.. it asked what horror movie villian do you relate to the most and I of course chose Baby Firefly!! :)

    check it out here:

  4. Of course hopes are flying high for Lords of Salem.

  5. I voted for House of 1000 Corpses,but I am glad Rejects won..And I am glad Halloween 2 came in 2nd. I go to a lot of horror sites and message boards, and I feel that a lot of the criticism I have seen H2 get is unfair.I don't get why some people make a huge deal about the white horse and the swearing in the movie. The horse was like in 2 scenes, big fucking deal. And I didn't notice the swearing, because I thought it was in character for certain characters in the movie to swear.

    Oh speaking of messages boards and THe Devil's Rejects, can we have a message board for The Lords of Salem? Please? It was fun posting on the board for Rejects 5 years ago, I still am in contact with the friends I made on there, and the only board I am a member of now that doesn't suck is Sid's official board.

  6. Tous les films de Rob Zombie sont géniaux. C'était dur de faire un choix mais je suis fan de Halloween 2, je comprends pas pourquoi tant de monde critique ce film... Un des meilleurs slasher depuis très longtemps, si ce n'est le meilleur, à mes yeux en tout cas !

    Sinon Devil's rejects est un chef d'œuvre du genre ! Rob Zombie est de toute façon mon réalisateur préféré, 20/20 pour l'ensemble de sa carrière !

    Rob, you are the best !

  7. I fucking love the H2 director's cut.

  8. Can't wait to se "Lords of Salem". At the moment your best is "Devils Reject's" without doubt.