Wednesday, June 22, 2011



When I say to you, prospective audience, this, the most anticipated MASTERPEICE is everything to every demo-you must believe. You need laughs, SCARY CLOWN gots it in spades. But if you need a date nite with your old lady-SCARY CLOWN delivers the Romance AND Pathos with a CRYBABY named RENEE, that will break your heart and your HEUVOS! Fellas, “she’s got the squeezebox that makes the grown man cry!” I serious! After a session with RENEE my privates looked like a bowl of CALIMARI TAR TAR! No really!
Please enjoy a dish of estrogen with your gal in this, the EXCLUSIVE #6 courtesy of Waaa, Waaa, Waaa What’s Her Name?…I joking…no I serious, I already forgot her name again…enjoy. Prego.


  1. Awww, that is kinda sad..It looked like Renee really liked him.

  2. love Uncle Coffins in HALLOWEEN 2 . Just re-watched it last night (haven't seen it since theaters). wow. movie is fucking intense. I didn't realize the first time how brutal all the deaths were, and how extremely emotional the movie is.

  3. oh, well i actually just found out that there is a different ending on the dvd. i'm not sure which one i like more. it ended with laurie getting shot at the end, but then it ends up with her in a sanitarium (with nan vernon playing). is that in her mind as she's dying? kind of confused now.