Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Directing in wolfman mask. Eat A Peach!

Sheri and William at the HALLOWEEN cast table read

Murray loves Suzi

Yup, he had to go back and get a fucking map.


  1. Another nice assortment of interesting pics.

  2. id like to see the artwork on the wall behind the wolfman.....what about missing dog head? Skubis

  3. does anyone agree that someone should make an RZ documentry....from 1985 to the present, it's almost 30 yrs...music, film,art, books, .....i suppose one would only need permission..there seems to be a small core of people that post on here, whose opinions would be appreciated...missing dog head...Skubis

  4. The 8x10 poster of missing dog head in phone booth is real. I saw, removed and saved a copy of the same poster from a wall of an AM-PM market in Victorville, CA. The year was 1990. Ten years before House of 1000 Corpses was filmed. The dog's name was Ling Ling. I still have the poster. STRANGE.