Friday, May 6, 2011


thekillerawoke said...
Which film of yours do you think is the most creatively and artistically successful?

The Devil's Rejects is most satisfying for me mostly due to the fact that is the only film I have made with no studio meddling. It is exactly the film I wanted to make and I think it succeeds because of that. I work best we outside forces aren't constantly jamming themselves into the process.

Mike Kinney said...
When you were on MTV Cribs you said you buy every horror DVD you can get your hands on. Do you still do that? Have you upgraded to blu-ray yet?

I still buy tons and tons of DVDs. I won't bother upgrading everything to blue-ray but some films for sure. Even though everything is going digital I still like owning a hard copy of every film. It is not just horror, it is everything.

arrillaga60 said...
When will you shoot "Lords of Salem"?? Variety reports that spring time was the beginning. Is any of these poeple on board for "Salem": Caroline Munro, Bruce Campbell, Dee Wallace, Cassandra Peterson??? Love all your flicks. THANKS.

We have begun working, but not shooting yet. This is a very practical FXs heavy film, so that department has been working for awhile building insane shit. I will start after the summer. No one is on board yet but casting will start very soon.

Jeeva said...
First... I was wondering what your thoughts are on (old school) directors Sam Peckinpah and Walter Hill. I sense a little of their style in your work.

I love both those directors especially Peckinpah. Films like The Getaway, The Ballad Of Cable Hogue, Ride The High Country, The WIld Bunch and Brin ME The Head Of Alfredo Garcia are some of my fav films. Walter Hill's Hard Times, The Long Riders, Southern Comfort and The Warriors are some of my favorites.


  1. The Ballad Of Cable Hogue and the wild bunch, The long riders are great flims, i have to look up the other ones. speaking of the mtv cribs thing you cant find that online anymore, wonder why? My grandparents are the ones that were invited to Dan Blockers house back in the 60's when on vac. My grandma still has the address wrote on the napkin. I dont even have one blue-ray disc. I thought keeping up with 300 horror movies and 221 other types of movies is hard, the amount he has, has to be insane. and on a last side note, This guy doesnt seem to sleep, its 8 am here on the east c/ so its 4 over there? not healthy brother.

  2. Couldn't agree more concerning Mr. Peckinpah. For me, best there was, best there ever will be. A superlative, unequalled body of work. I love Rejects for many reasons, one of which is that it seemed to reflect an awareness of, and regard for, Sam's work.

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  4. Rob THANKS a Million for the answer!!! You're one of the best contemporary filmmakers and one of the most genuine horror directors! Also love the retro casting in your movies. Rock on!

  5. I agree..I don't have a bluray player yet, but when I do, I don't really want to buy my entire horror collection again. I have a lot of movies,and I haven't really gone through and counted them all.A.Rob, I did see your episode of Cribs a long time ago, so I did see the room you have for your movies collection..About how many movies would you say you own?