Sunday, May 8, 2011


I've heard a lot of talk of the good old days on The Devil's Rejects message board lately. Well, until THE LORDS OF SALEM board is up and running I say we all use this blog thread as you new meeting place until we movie it over.

What are you waiting for? Let's get to know each other. Here's how. Answer these few simple questions:

1. Favorite 5 movies
2. Favorite 5 actors/actresses
3. Favorite 5 bands/musicians
4. Favorite concert experience
5. Favorite convention experience
6. Ultimate dream

Okay that should get the ball rolling. GO!


  1. I loved how magical House of 1000 Corpses & how gritty Devils Rejects was, I wish there was a way to combine the carnival like gloriousness of House & the realism & emotion that Rejects had :) i love them both so much I want a vivid colorful madhouse of fright & insanity all over the place :D

    & I would like to see more of Sheri in every movie ever made, she's the best actress in my eyes :)

  2. Man, this is a treat in its self.

    1. its hard to say, I love alot, I mean alot of different movies. I mean I love Gun Crazy, Taxi driver, return of the creature. But I also love slapshot, American graffiti, I mean, I would have to say, for the most part I have a top 10 horror movie list and a top 10 other types of movies. Stuff from the 70's were the best.

    2. Again, its hard to say, Lon Chaney SR, Mr. Ford, bruce willis, boris karloff, bela lugosi oh my god, I can go on and on...

    3. Why a top 5? I can sit here all day with these top three questions, Hummm willie Nelson, That Zombie guy, Allmen brothers, elvis, pantera, down, don williams, alice cooper, metallica, ac/dc, oops went on and on, sorry.

    4. Never been to a concert, Im 32 had tickets to pantera, and white zombie many times, always got deathly ill, or my tickets (and vip pass) got stolen...

    5. Never been to a convention, BUT I met Tom Savini at Pitts airport, super nice guy, and I hope to work with him oneday.

    6. to make Movies, mainly yes horror, but would love to make a hockey movie, and other types of movies. Dont care if I only make 30K a year doing so, its not always about the "bling bling" word!

    Thanks for the QnA

  3. Great idea... Are you gonna post yours also? Would be interesting to see your picks.

    1. I love a lot of different films, but if I have to pick 5 I'll have to go with: Raiders Of The Lost Ark (my all time favourite), The Empire Strikes Back, The Blues Brothers, From Dusk Till Dawn The Devil's Rejects. These are films that really impressed me (and changed my life in a way) upon first (and subsequent) viewings.

    2. George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone (sorry), Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr. and Rose McGowan.

    3. Again, lots of different stuf but: Prince, Paul McCartney (and Beatles, cheat cheat), John Mellencamp, Robert Palmer and (off course) Rob Zombie.

    4. Paul McCartney - Back In The World

    5. I have never visited a convention, unfortenately...

    6. To continue writing and drawing comics, but do so professionally. (Right now i do so between assignments in my regular job as a graphic designer.)

  4. I'm gonna try this , too. Sounds fun.

    1.sry I can't possibly pick 5 movies. Some of my faves are: Pulp Fiction, TDR, Ingl. Basterds; Black Snake Moan; Sin City; Lee's Malcolm X, Planet Terror; L.A. Confidential etc.. also lots and lots of Western and (B-Movie) Horror.

    2.Sammy Jackson, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Rose McGowan, Helena Bonham Carter and many more

    3. I really love blues! John Lee Hooker, Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters etc. RZ is great, especially since John 5 joined the band, Danzig, ASP, In Extremo. Currently listening to new Bootsy Collins album...

    4. I'm at Summer Breeze festival (Bavaria) every year. There I've had some amazing concert experiences.

    5. Not been to a convention, yet...

    6. There are many things I've started and still wanna finish or continue. Script writing, Drawing Noir Comics, I really need a new band :) Of course, I wanna finish my studies at university successfully...

  5. #1 House of 1,000 Corpses was terrifying to me - can't watch it again, too scary, other favorite movies Tomb of Ligeia, House of Usher, Psycho, Frenzy

    #2 Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell, Rose McGowan, Vincent Price, Anthony Perkins

    #3 Rob Zombie, Rob Zombie, Rob Zombie, Rob Zombie, and White Zombie

    #4 Rob Zombie at the Ace of Spades, Sacto, CA

    #5 Never been to a convention

    #6 Ultimate dream is to meet Zombie!

  6. 1)Favourite movie is probably The Devils Rejects but I also love A Clockwork Orange, The Birds, Halloween (1978) and The Wrestler.

    2)Apart from all the Zombie regulars who I think are all fantastic, I like Fred Gwyne, Robert Englund, Tony Todd, Jack Nicholson and Neve Campbell.

    3)My favourites are Rob Zombie and Alter Bridge then Black Label Society, Motley Crue, Van Halen and also all the work that Slash has done throughout his career.

    4)Went to see Rob in Manchester and Leeds in the UK tour and it just blew me away and I really hope that he will do another full UK tour sometime in the future (hopefully not a 12 years wait this time).

    5)I dont think that there is many conventions in the north of England but if there was one near, with the right people there Id be up for it.

    6)The ultimate dream to is to be a guitarist in a band, doesnt matter if Im selling millions of records but just as long as I have enough money to get by in life, Id love it.

  7. 1. Wow. It's hard to list just five, so here's a list of some of my favorite directors:

    Rob Zombie, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Edgar Wright, Stanley Kubrick, Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro, David Lynch, Sam Raimi, Sergio Leone, and David Fincher. -- I know I'm forgetting some...

    2. I honestly don't know.

    3. Rob Zombie, Dream Theater, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, T. Rex, Rush, Queen, The Who, Van Halen.

    Couldn't list just five.

    4. Seeing ZOMBIE for the first time back in 2007. The most awesome thing ever.

    5. Never been to one.

    6. To make a movie, or meet some of my favorite directors or bands/musicians.

  8. 1 Top 5 movies. I think a movie should take you through the emotions so that you FEEL whatever it is they are trying to portray and these movies were certainly successful in doing this to me so in no particular order… "Rosemary's Baby" I was 8 when I saw this and it scared the crap out of me not only because I thought the devil would come into my bedroom at night but because our neighbours on the street where I grew up in Dublin Ireland were just like the Castevets so overnight I went from adoring them to absolutely petrified of them.
    “H2” D-Cut. You probably think I’m only saying this because this is your blog but when I saw “H2” I was blown away with emotion. I cried. I was hypnotised by the visuals. It was beautiful but equally dirty, raw and gritty and I went through a journey with these characters and felt their pain along the way. To me it was an instant classic and not since Carpenters original had a “Halloween” movie been so effective.
    “Session 9” I wasn’t sure what to expect from this but by the end of it I had found a new movie I knew I loved. I’ve watched this so many times and it still gets under my skin and unsettles me. There’s something about the film, an air of menace throughout and the message delivered in the final frames is chilling.
    “The Shining” Kubrick’s vision of Kings book is genius and the performances throughout are astounding. Also the stark set design the editing and the fluid cinematography all combine to make this one of the most terrifying movies of my childhood.
    “Halloween” John Carpenter made something very special with this movie and my love affair with it goes back to when I was 7. I watched it with my parents and I will never forget the experience. From my Dad shouting at Tommy Doyle to “Hurry the F up and open the door”, my mother cowering behind her fingers and me, in awe, silently terrified and impacted for life.

    Actors. Dee Wallace. Ellen Burstyn. Jamie Lee Curtis. Vincent Price. Brad Dourif

    Music. I have such a diverse taste, from Gloria Estefan, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Roberta Flack, John Carpenter.

    I won’t apologise for this but the most amazing concert I went to was Gloria Estefan… She emanated energy from the stage and her engagement with the audience was second to none… Hopefully when I see Rob Zombie in Dublin in June that’ll change;-)

    Best convention was Halloween 30 years of terror in Pasadena 2008.

    Right now I work as a Make-up effects artist on the Film/T.V Industry here in Ireland but my ultimate dream is to write and direct some of the most terrifying horror movies that will stand the test of time with the classics I mentioned above.

  9. 1. Naked Lunch, The Devil's Rejects, Serenity, Iron Man 2, The Shining

    2. Robert Downey Jr., Sam Rockwell, Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich, Jack Nicholson

    3. Rob Zombie, Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, Tool, Doctor Steel

    4. Saw Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper last year on my birthday (May 12th) up in Duluth, MN. Amazing show with lots of bras... And then there was the time I proposed to my wife on the floor at Nine Inch Nails.

    5. Never been to a convention. I bet they're fun, though.

    6. I'd like to be a full time writer. I'm working on a dark fantasy novel right now, and it's almost ready to send to my beta reader. I have several short stories that I've been submitting to horror and bizarro mags. I actually got a story-poem about gnomes published in a children's anthology. It's pretty strange being a published children's author, but I love it.

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  11. 1. It's hard to narrow it down, but I guess John Carpenter's Halloween, Pulp Fiction, House of 1000 Corpses, The Evil Dead, and Jaws.
    2. Kurt Russell, Johnny Depp, Bruce Campbell, Scout Taylor Compton, and Samuel L. Jackson
    3. Tool, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie
    4. It's really hard to pick my favorite concert experience because I've been to so many concerts. Although, I have to say that seeing you and Alice Cooper last year was probably my favorite. Alice opened up with "School's Out", and killed himself at least five times onstage. Then you came out and played every song I wanted to hear and you rocked balls man! I was in the pit and I had so much fun. I think you even looked at me once when I got on my boyfriend's shoulders!
    5. I just went to Texas Frightmare Weekend last weekend and it was the best weekend of my life!! I got to meet so many great people like Sid Haig and Dieter Laser, but my favorite part was meeting Malcolm McDowell. He was the nicest, funniest, and most intelligent guy I've ever met and he gave me a kiss on the cheek! (I asked him for it)
    6. My ultimate dream is to make horror films. Sitting in the director's chair would be great, but I would also love to work on the soundtrack for the film, or editing scenes, or even prop work.

  12. Hi everyone

    Lets see, five of my favorite movies? Well, besides all of Rob's movies, I would have to say, Kill Bill, Hellraiser, A Clockwork Orange, Star Wars, and Beavis and Butthead Do America.

    Five of my favorite actors and actresses would have sau the first people who come to mind are, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Lin Shaye, Anna Paquin, and Johnny Depp.

    And my five favorite bands/musicians besides Rob are Ozzy, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac..I listen to a lot of classic rock, but I also listen to a lot of the rock I grew up with in the 90's.

    I think my favorite concert experience was either my first concert or Ozzfest in 2002.The first concert I went to was in Seattle at Bumber Shoot in 1997..There were a lot of bands, but I was most excited to see Sonic Youth and Beck.That was a lot of fun. Ozzfest was fun too, even though it was in Eastern Washington in August, and there wasn't much shade at The Gorge. Rob, I think I remember you saying something about being glad the sun was going down when you were on stage..It was the first time I saw you and Ozzy in concert and you both rocked.

    My favorite convention experience was the first convention I went to..Crypticon Seattle, 2008. I met Sid, Bill, Leslie Easterbrooke, Ashley Lawerence, and a lot of other actors.

    Right now, my ultimate dream is to do more traveling. I haven't seem much of the US, and the only other country I have been to is Canada.

    I have been reading everyone's responses. Spooky Kooky, I felt the same way about H2..And Gnome_Riot, I would like to see your children's book. I like Gnomes and faeries. I remember when I was a kid, and my parents had that coffee table book, "Gnomes", and I really liked the illustrations in that book.. And Laurie Strode 13, that is awesome you met Malcolm last week, I hope I get a chance to meet him at a convention.

  13. And JWB, sorry to hear about the bad luck you have had with going to concerts..Hope the next time you get tickets, things work out, and you have an awesome time at whatever show you are going to.

  14. Cool idea, Hi !

    1. It's not easy, only 5 movies but...

    All movies of Rob in first !

    After :

    - Christine
    - Orange Mécanique
    - The machinist
    - Fight club
    - Kill Bill

    2. very hard...

    - Christian Bale
    - Brad Dourif
    - Sheri Moon Zombie
    - Johnny Depp
    - Danielle Harris

    3. A little more easy :

    - Rob Zombie
    - Alice Cooper
    - The Doors
    - Serge Gainsbourg
    - Marilyn Manson

    4. I think my favorite concert experience will be in November at Rennes : Alice Cooper !

    5. I have never seen convention experience, in France there is nothing convention or little.

    6. My ultimate dream is to meet Sheri and Rob! And see a live of Rob in blu ray of course ! lol

  15. 1 - The Blair Witch Project,From Dusk Till Dawn,House of 1000 Corpses,Grindhouse Death Proof & Scream.

    2-George Clooney,Helena Bonham Carter,Asia Argento,Johnny Depp & Sherie Moon Zombie.

    3-Bon Jovi,Alice Cooper,Rob Zombie,The Runaways & Pink Floyd.

    4- Never went to a concert :/

    5- I've never seen a convention :/

    6-Become a writer of horror books!

  16. 1 My 5 favorites movies are : Dogma, Cannibal holocaust, The devil's rejects, The blade, Old boy

    2 Christian Bale, Kurt Russel, Jodie Foster, Christopher Lee and Catherine Zeta-Jones are my favorites actors

    3. Sepultura, Antaeus, Strapping young lad, Morbid Angel, Necrophagia...

    4. Hard to say what is my favorite concert... maybe sepultura or Dying Fetus...

    5. i ve never been at a convention... in France, we don't have a lot of convention...

    6. realise all the movie i had in my head

  17. 1.
    The Devils Rejects
    House of 1000 Corpses
    Dawn of the Dead
    Texas Chainsaw massacre
    The Thing (Carpenter version)

    Bill Moseley
    Gary Oldman
    Danny Trejo
    Zach Galifianakis
    Sheri Moon

    Rob Zombie
    White Zombie
    Nine Inch Nails
    Judas Priest

    When i got to touch you Rob in London 2011 at the fron row. Me and brother from Sweden screamed our throats off of happiness! Not just the best concert, best moment in our lives.

    First time will happen in a couple of weeks at a swedish version of comicon.

    To meet and talk to you Rob.

  18. And you Rob? what're your answers for your own questions?

  19. 1. The Last Picture Show, Taxi Driver, Blade Runner, The Wild Bunch, Women in Love.

    2. William Holden, Sam Elliott, Dee Wallace, Jennifer Connelly, Daniel Day-Lewis and Brad Dourif.

    3. Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Credence Clearwater Revival, The Police, Moby.

    4. The Police + The Charlatans in 2008.

    5. Never been to one.

    6. Travel around the worldand have friends from other countries.

  20. 1. Favorite 5 movies
    Bram Stoker's Dracula
    House of 1000 Corpses
    Repo The Genetic Opera

    2. Favorite 5 actors/actresses
    Johnny Depp
    Yvonne DeCarlo
    Sid Haig
    Sheri Moon Zombie
    Mila Jovovich

    3. Favorite 5 bands/musicians
    Rob Zombie
    Alice Cooper
    Nine Inch Nails
    Marilyn Manson

    4. Favorite concert experience
    Had to be April 8, 2006 in Chicago at the Rob Zombie show.. not only was the show amazing but I got to meet you and Sheri afterwards and Sheri totally recognized me and gave me free Total Skull tshirts! Best concert experience ever!

    5. Favorite convention experience
    Getting to bring Sid Haig his birthday cake at a horror con he was appearing at and partying with him and Suzie afterwards!

    6. Ultimate dream
    to some how be a part of/work full time for the horror movie industry.. would die to be an extra in one of Rob Zombie's films and learn special fx to do horror movie makeup for horror films. Doing anything artistic full time would make me the happiest Living Dead Girl ever.. no more 9-5 cubicle life that is draining my existance ha ha

  21. 1. Halloween ['78], Se7en, Tombstone, A Perfect World, Stay

    Honorable Mention: The Devil's Rejects, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, A Man Apart, The Prestige, Con Air

    2. Johnny Depp, Val Kilmer, Heath Ledger (R.I.P), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel

    Honorable Mention: Peter Cushing, Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicolas Cage, Charlize Theron, Lon Chaney Sr.

    3. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Avenged Sevenfold, Tom Waits

    4. Summer Sanitarium 2003

    5. I've never had the privilege of attending one yet.

    6. To write and direct a film, someday.

  22. 1) Boondock Saints (im irish and love action), H2 (loved how RZ got into the mental aspect of Laurie), The Big Lebowski(random and funny as shit), Super (badass indie superhero flick), and The Machinist (fucked up movie)

    2) Christian Bale (i want to hate him but then i watch a movie hes in and he amazes me each time), Johnny Depp (would love to see him as a fucked up killer), Edward Norton, Robert Englund, and Kane Hodder!

    3) Rob Zombie (ofcourse), Slipknot, Asking Alexandria, ReHaB (im from the country), and A7X

    4) been waiting for RZ to get to IL and not up in fucking chicago for awhile now!!!!

    5) Sean Patrick Flannery called my buds gf and cussed her out over the phone.. funny shit!

    6) get writing more and get my comedy group, KosherCurry, more fans! (yes we're on youtube, KosherCurry (one word))

  23. Favourite Movies
    - A Clockwork Orange
    - The Original two Halloween movies
    - House of 1000 corpses/ Devils Rejects are tied here xD
    - Star Wars original trilogy
    - Saw Series

    - Jim Sturgess
    - Seth Rogen
    - Jim Carrey
    - Jack Black
    - Sid Haig

    - Rob Zombie
    - John 5
    - Rage Against the Machine
    - White Zombie
    - Marilyn Manson

    Concert Experience
    Avenged Sevenfold in 2007 when the Rev was still kicking ass behind the drums, and I really hope to see some Zombie this summer at Downsview Park festival :)

    Convention Experience
    Well being a kid, I don't exactly get the opportunity to get up and go out to conventions but I would love to go to a horror convention in the near future :D

    Ultimate Dream
    To someday get a recording studio and record company up and running and to work with great musicians like Rob. That would be amazing.

  24. Wow! Some tough choices here! Picking 5 favorites in any of those categories is incredibly difficult. I'll go with the "off the top of my head" method:

    1. Favorite 5 movies (not in any kind of order):
    1. The Original Star Wars Trilogy (I know, I'm cheating here)
    2. Halloween (1978)
    3. The Creature from the Black Lagoon
    4. Blue Velvet
    5. Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn

    2. Favorite 5 actors/actresses (again, not in order):
    1. Anthony Hopkins
    2. Al Pacino
    3. Bruce Campbell
    4. Danielle Harris
    5. Samuel L. Jackson

    3. Favorite 5 bands/musicians (not in....oh, you know!):
    1. The Misfits (Danzig era)
    2. Prince
    3. Alice Cooper
    4. Rob Zombie
    5. Calabrese

    4. Favorite concert experience (I'm going to REALLY cheat here, and do top five concerts, once again in no real order):
    1. Prince, Lovesexy 1988, Houston, TX
    2. Rob Zombie, November 2009, Houston, TX
    3. Calabrese, February 2008, San Antonio, TX
    4. Willie Nelson, 2003, Austin, TX
    5. George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars with Morris Day & the Time, 1997, Houston, TX

    5. Favorite convention experience
    Getting Star Trek's Marina Sirtis to do the Time Warp!

    6. Ultimate dream: being able to act, sing and perform for a living. Oh, and I'd also love to design and stage my own professional haunted house!

  25. 6. Ultimate dream


    1. Favorite 5 movies


    2. Favorite 5 actors/actresses


    3. Favorite 5 bands/musicians


    4. Favorite concert experience


    5. Favorite convention experience

  26. 1. Favorite 5 movies
    House of 1000 Corpses
    The Devils Rejects
    The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
    Halloween II
    2. Favorite 5 actors/actresses
    Sheri Moon Zombie
    Zooey Deschanel
    Bill Moseley
    Sid Haig
    James Marston
    3. Favorite 5 bands/musicians
    Rob Zombie
    White Zombie
    Twisted Sister
    4. Favorite concert experience
    I went to Rob Zombie's show at the House of Blues in Boston, and when Rob came into the audience, he touched my hand.
    5. Favorite convention experience
    I went to Monster Mayhem in Mansfield MA and got my picture taken with Rob. He was so nice.
    6. Ultimate dream
    My dream is to be in The Lords of Salem movie. I am love Rob Zombie, I went to college in Salem, and I love researching witchy things.

  27. 1. Favorite 5 movies: Star Wars, Heat, The Godfather, Halloween, Night of the Living Dead
    2. Favorite 5 actors/actresses: Al Pacino, Natalie Portman, Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale
    3. Favorite 5 bands/musicians: Nine Inch Nails, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Ministry, Skinny Puppy
    4. Favorite concert experience: Nine Inch Nails, Lights in the Sky tour, Cedar Rapids, IA, Nov. 2008
    5. Favorite convention experience: None, conventions don't come here :/
    6. Ultimate dream: Get my Dead of the Night script sold and make movies

  28. Skubis:
    2.robert downey jr, lana turner,harrison ford,jimmy stewart,bogart
    3.harry connick jr. john lee hooker,piggyd,bls,elvis
    5.ruemorgue fest. of fear
    6.well for the longest time i wanted to be an artist,like Gogos,ive given up.

  29. Favorite Movies
    - Rosemary’s Baby
    - The Exorcist
    - Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    - Suspiria
    - Alien

    - Jack Nicholson
    - Leonardo DiCaprio
    - Johnny Depp
    - Marilyn Monroe
    - Bette Davis

    - Type O Negative
    - Babes in Toyland
    - Tori Amos
    - Tool
    - OTEP
    - Clutch

    Concert Experience
    Too many great ones. I guess all the Ozzfest’s back in the day were great. Most recently I saw OTEP at a really small venue and thought they were amazing.

    Convention Experience
    Worcester – Rock n Shock 2009 with Sid Haig, Bill Mosley, Kane Hodder, Gunner Hansen, Malcolm McDowell. Totally missed it this past year :(

    Ultimate Dream
    I am living it!

  30. 1) Gojira (love all Godzilla films except the '98 american joke), The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Big Trouble in Little China, Jurassic Park, and Reservoir Dogs

    2) Clint Eastwood, Bruce Campbell, Michael Madsen, Kurt Russell, and Haruo Nakajima

    3) Rob Zombie/White Zombie, Lamb of God, Rammstein, Clutch, and Queen

    4) Seeing Zombie at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. It lacked the pyrotechnics of bigger Zombie shows (which are always great), but an intimate setting with nothing but unadulterated Zombie? Enough said. Plus I got my first J5 pick.

    5) I haven't been to a convention, but I've gotten the chance to interview some of my favorite drummers over the past year and even RZ himself at Mayhem Fest 2010.

    6) I've met/talked with Rob. One day I'll be his drummer.

  31. 1. Terminator 2, The Devil's Rejects, Friday the 13th, Total Recall, Pulp Fiction

    2. Jack Nicholson, Al Pachino, Robert Dinero, Samuel L. Jackson, Bill Moseley

    3. Rage Against The Machine, Wednesday 13, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, System of a Down

    4. Meeting and chatting with Tom Morello after a small Nightwatchman show where there were only about 50 fans... honorable mention to getting wasted in my hotel room with members of Wednesday 13's band after a show

    5. Chatting with Paul Booth at a tattoo conference

    6. Be in a band that doesn't suck and play one really great live show

  32. 1. The Shawshank Redemption, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Tenant, Scream, Halloween... but there are so much more I love...

    2. Kathy Bates, Neve Campbell, Kurt Russell, Peter Fonda, Sam Neill...

    3. Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Salem, Joy Division...

    4. upcoming Rob Zombie concert in Oberhausen

    5. every DVD trading floor. I love it, enjoy it and went with countless DVDs towards home!

    6. being a director who dies cause of Hollywood.

  33. 1. Favorite 5 movies
    Escape from New York
    Dawn of the Dead (1978)
    Dawn of the Dead (2004)
    American Werewolf in London

    2. Favorite 5 actors/actresses
    Kurt Russell
    Adrienne Barbeau
    James Caviezel
    Mimi Rogers
    Sam Elliot

    3. Favorite 5 bands/musicians
    Rob Zombie / White Zombie
    Elvis Costello
    ZZ Top
    Van Halen

    4. Favorite concert experience
    Rob Zombie - Educated Horses Tour, Worcester MA 4/2006

    5. Favorite convention experience
    Meeting/Autograph with George A Romero, Worcester MA 10/2010

    6. Ultimate dream
    Already living it!

  34. 6. Ultimate dream

    1. Not to kiss ass but, H2, Ginger Snaps, Texas Chainsaw massacre( original), A nightmare on elm street (original), Halloween (original).

    2. Kate Winslet,Danielle Harris, Chelan Simmons, Jesse Eisenberg, Toni Collette

    3. The Klaxons, Does it offend you yeah, ACDC, The Bangles, Donovan

    4. Sadly, Moby is the only concert i've ever been too haha.

    5. Never have i been to a convention either, I live under a rock.

    6. I dream to become a solid horror writer/director. Or at the very least casting director.

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