Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Martin said...
Hi Rob,
I wanted to ask you what's your favorite Jack Hill movie. And have you ever thought about Pam Grier doing a cameo in one of your movies? Couse we have seen Tura Satana in one of your movies and it would be cool to see more badass exploitation film actresses in your movies.

I have two favorite Hill films. First is Spider Baby with our pal Sid and the second is Coffy. Although Foxy Brown, Pit Stop,The Big Doll House and The Big Bird Cage are awesome. I often thought about using Pam Grier in my films. I love her. Not sure why it hasn't happened yet.

SpookyKooky said...
I really enjoy your screenplays and I own a copy of "The Devils Rejects" hardcopy that you brought out with Neca. I'd love to read your screenplay for "H2"... Will you ever release it or make it available online?

I would like to release it in the same way as Rejects but I have no plans at the moment. I also have materials for a HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES one. But first I think I will put one out for THE LORDS OF SALEM.

Rich M Waters said...
I think you're one of the better horror director's today and I dig your music, but you always see a lot of critics saying stick to the music instead of the films. What do you make of this? Do you think is it a case of thinking people are just being critical for the sake of it?

Who knows, who cares. My movies have a very "love it or hate it" vibe and these days that is no the flavor. The flavor is vanilla, because everybody likes vanilla and vanilla could never offend anyone. As so I think the internet has created a culture of non-stop bitching.

thekillerawoke said...
favorite munsters episode ?

I love them all but some of my favs are "ZOMBO", "WILL SUCCESS SPOIL HERMAN MUNSTER?" and "HOT ROD HERMAN".


What are your three favourite ALICE COOPER albums?

"LoveIt To Death", Welcome To My Nightmare" and "Muscle Of Love".


  1. Hi, Rob. What do you think about "Black Sunday" (La Maschera del Demonio)directed by Mario Bava? And a comment, if I may. Next month you will come to Vitoria Gasteiz festival in my country. Well, that area: Alava, Basque Country, Navarra, Galicia (northern Spain) is the main historical center around witchcraft we have, especially in the Middle Ages. There were many trials of the Inquisition, the burning of "witches", ​​covens, etc. One of the most famous was "The Witches of Zugarramurdi", in which 53 people were arrested and eleven innocent people were condemned to the stake. Today, Zugarramurdi cave, which took place these "covens", has become a visitor center and nearby is a museum about witchcraft. Thanks for your attention!

  2. You're movies are the best, they just are. Hostel was really good too. Mostly horror movies are a mediocre overload. Give me a name of a movie that is compatable to yours, please. I'm bored. I'm sure it's because I don't know where to look.

  3. Well, vanilla offends me..Bacause a lot of movies you would describe as vanilla are what I consider an insult to my intelligence and a waste of my time.Like the Nightmare on Elmstreet remake, when you compare it to the original, it is really vanilla. I thought it was boring, and my friend who loves the original Nightmare on Elm Street movies like I love your movies was really disappointed when he finally saw it.

    I would love to see Pam Grier in one of your films..

  4. i agree, all of them are awesome. Zombo is an amazing episode.

  5. rob, will the real baron von shock ever stand up!?? i've been checking my local comic store and the fifth issue is never there. i don't know if it's because they are slacking in new shipments, or if it's because you haven't yet put out the next issue... if you can clear this up for me it would be much appreciated. thanks.