Sunday, May 8, 2011


Austin said...
how do you start your writing process? does an idea just pop into your head and you run with it? or do you think of something then go into character development and plot outline?

I just basically get an idea. I usually think about for awhile before I even write it down. It just bounces around in my head. Then finally I will start writing. I don't outline or break it down in any way. I just start. The first 20 to 30 pages flies out then I get stuck. MOst writing books say to push through to the end and finish a rough draft no matter how rough, but I don't. I keep working until I figure out who the characters are then it just flows. Although it does help if I have the ending so I know where I am headed.

arrillaga60 said...
Any casting news for "Lords fo Salem"?? I'm very exciting!! Is the lovely Dee Wallace involved??

Not yet, but soon. I have many new people that I am very excited to work with. Hopefully they we sign onto the picture.

The Gill-Man said...
H2, in my opinion, had a strong influence from director David Lynch. Do you have a favorite Lynch film? What other directors do you view as influences on your work?

Everything has an influence in some way or another. I love so many directors that it is hard to just name a few who have influenced me. As far as David Lynch films I think The Elephant Man might be my favorite, but I love Eraserhead, Wild At Heart, Mullholland Dr. and Blue Velvet.

Moondragon said...
When you have someone make a website for The Lords of Salem, can it have a message board, please? It was fun posting on the official Devil's Rejects board back in the day, I remember when the board opened, you answered some of our questions, and that was awesome of you. Your fans need a message board so we can get to know each other better, I am still friends with a lot of people I met on the Rejects board, and it would be awesome to meet other Zombieheads.

Sure thing. When we have a Lords site it will have a message board.


  1. Oh man I loved The Devils Rejects site, i attained so many nifty items, that was so much fun & it made you feel more involved with the process of everything unlike most directors let their fans do :D

  2. Damn, thats too close to home. I start writing and with me page 20 or 30 I get stuck, and some days I type a page out, a line out, camera set if needed, or others I get out 5. Yes first 20 to 30 pages, just flys out, then BOOM, it's some what likes writers block, and I hate it. I already know the ending to my story on the script Im writing now. And Im already wanting to write my next project. And about writing books, or how to direct film, for alot of people, myself as well, its abundh of BS, you just have to learn it yourself. Everyone is diffenrent, and everyone learns in diffenrent ways, readin a book, give me a clear view on things, but you learn by doing.....

  3. Thanks for answering so many questions, Rob! I was wondering, if you decide to answer questions again, could you discuss the significance of the white horse in H2? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for answering my question Rob, and when the board is up, I will make sure to get on Facebook and tell all my friends from the Rejects board to get their asses over there.

  5. Thanks for the answer, that's very kind of you. We adore you!!!!!

  6. How do you get your ideas and visions, for a project, out of your mind and into the minds of others, so that they see and understand exactly what you want to do?

  7. Thanks for answering my question, Rob! All fine choices you made there with Lynch's work, by the way!

  8. Badass.. thanks Rob. ive been working on getting into writing and being only 21 i got time to learn and get more into it. ur an inspiration and idol of mine so thanks for helping me out